How Can I Help You?

My name is Lorí Lea and I am a Freelance Graphic Designer and creator; I create designs to enliven your website, to grace your business card, to personalize your stationery! I do this with you, or with your request of more or less how you would like it to appear. 

You may have a preference for colours, or have a favourite font. I am trained to produce something of value, something that becomes your brand, that represents YOU! With spirit. 

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What all can I produce for you?

I design logos, websites, brochures, banners, tee-shirts, license disks, bumper stickers, book covers, e-books, technical designs, and everything in between.  

Collage above of some work done, photography, business card, notebook cover, my own graphic design logo...

About me, Lorí Lea

I have been doing Graphic Design for 8 years, and still love it. Blessed to be born into a family that are very artistic, my mom was an excellent hand drawn illustrator and copy-writer; her sister a famous portrait painter (Fleur Ferri). My father a jewelry designer, silversmith and goldsmith, and my 3 siblings continue the jewelry design. My artistic talent and creativity comes out in the form of Graphic Design in the various forms.

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